FEB 2019
Start des CAS DS: Health & Performance

Dance Science addresses training, lifestyle and performance of professional dancers as well as the effects of dance activities on different populations. With origins in sport science, dance science establishes a strong link between theory and practice.

In the CAS in Dance Science: Health & Performance, candidates will critically assess anatomical, physiological and psychological aspects of the dancing body and dance performance. The curriculum revolves around questions on health and well-being of dancing children, adults, seniors, and disabled persons both involved in recreational and professional dance.

The duration of the CAS in Dance Science: Health & Performance is 7 months and the next round starts in July 2019. It takes place in Frankfurt am Main and is organized by our co-operation partner tamed e. V. The programme allows dance professionals to pursue their degree whilst continuing to work. It is aimed at dancers, teachers, choreographers and artistic directors as well as allied health care specialists and scientists with an affinity for dance.

Upon completion of all module components, candidates will receive a CAS in Dance Science: Health & Performance from the University of Bern (CASDS HP Unibe). A diploma supplement lists the detailed content of the programme as well as the effected skills and abilities. The applied CAS programme qualifies the absolvents to continue their study in the MAS in Dance Science programme of the University of Bern.