Abstract submission for the Congress of Dance Medicine

Physiological and psychological demands on performing artists and related professions are constantly rising, leading to a call for changes in work environment and work ethics in the favours of autonomy and self determination for performing artists. Making changes involves discussing the status quo, limitations, and future perspectives of training and pedagogy in the fields of dance and music education of performing artists and teachers, respectively. Are performing artists prepared for their professional lives through the education they receive? Do hierarchical structures in education and work environment support the demands imposed on performing artists? What does it need to ensure the health and wellbeing of all involved in performing arts?You are welcome to submit your presentation proposals for the programme from the areas of clinical and practical dance and music medicine regarding the following topics:

  • dance science
  • music medicine and physiology
  • health risks and concepts for health promotion and injury prevention
  • clinical and practical aspects of dance and music medicine
  • concepts related to therapy and rehabilitation in dance and music medicine
  • ethics and health promotion
  • science of training, rehearsing, and practicing in performance preparations
  • motor development, motor learning, and motor performance
  • didactics, pedagogy, and health
  • nutrition
  • stress-management and individual health care in daily performing and teaching practices
  • anxiety, perfectionism, stage fright, and related coping strategies
  • mental training and coaching
  • psychological health in performing artists
  • health promotion through and in dance and music
  • further topics of your choice we are looking forward to receiving through your proposals

The closing date for entries is October 15th, 2019.